Online Services

This page lists every service within the State of Iowa.


511 Traveler Information (Road Conditions & Construction)

View current travel information warnings, and reports. Download 511 mobile apps for multiple devices.

Accident Reports (State Patrol Crash Reports)

Search reports of accidents that occurred in the last 15 days.

Accountancy Licensing

Accountancy professionals manage their licenses online. Search for licensed Accountants.

Acupuncture Licensing

Acupuncture professionals can apply for and manage their license online.

Acupuncture Search

Search for Iowa licensed Acupuncturists (L.Ac).

Agriculture Business Assistance

Search funding programs and other resources for agricultural businesses.

Alcoholic Beverage Complaint Status

See the status of complaints issued and hearings against licensed establishments serving alcohol.

Alcoholic Beverage Licensing

Apply or search for alcoholic beverage licenses.

Animal Feeding Operations

Regulated livestock and poultry facilities locations, animal numbers, construction reviews, environmental or geological reviews.

Architectural Professional Licensing

Architectural professionals manage their license online. Search for licensed architects.

Athletic Training Licensing

Athletic Training application and license renewal.

Audit Reports Database

Search state audit reports by entity, firm or audit category.

Barber Licensing

Barbering license professionals manage their license online.

Behavioral Science Licensing

Mental Health professionals manage their license online.

Bidding Opportunities

Bids currently open for vendor submission.

Boarding Home Registration Application

Owners, operators, or managers of boarding homes must register their buildings with the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals (DIA). Register online.

Boat Dock Registration

Dock permits application and renewal (required for all docks on public water).

Cabins,Campgrounds, Lodges and Shelter Reservations

State Park reservations for cabins, campgrounds, lodges and shelter.

Charitable Trust Registration

Organizations apply online for charitable trust status.

Child Support Portal for Employers

Employer only application allows online child support payments, reporting of newly hired and rehired employees, reporting employee terminations and to receive forms electronically.

Child Support Portal for Families

Find out about the child support program, access information about your child support case, make payments, and update your employer and contact information.

Chiropractic Licensing

Chiropractic professionals manage their licenses online.

City Financial Reports Database

Find a city's financial report for the last fiscal year online.

College Savings Iowa

College Savings account management and send a gift the student's 529 college savings plan.

Commercial Drivers Online Applications

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and International Registration Plan (IRP) online processing

Consumer Complaint

File a complaint online against a business or individual.

Corporation Biennial Report Filing

File your biennial report online.

Cosmetology Arts & Sciences Licensing

Cosmetology Arts & Science professionals manage their licenses online.

Courts Online Search

Search online for cases in the Appellate or Trial Courts of Iowa.

Crime Victim Compensation Application

Crime victims can apply for compensation to help cover out of pocket expenses resulting from criminal acts against them.

Debt Collector Registration

Debt collectors collecting from Iowa residents register online. Bank account information and authorization for withdrawal is required.

Debt Payment

Set up a payment plan to pay debt owed the Iowa Department of Revenue.

Dentist Licensing

Dentistry professionals manage their license online.

Dietetics Licensing

Dieticians manage their licenses online.

Distance Learning Locations

Search this extensive library listing interactive video site locations that utilize the connection of the Iowa Communications Network (ICN).

Driver License/ID

Renew your license, view your license, receive a reminder for renewal, find a driver license issuance site and other online driver license related services.

Driver Practice Test

Driver License Practice Test

eJuror Service

Citizens selected for jury duty go online and see if they need to report for duty.

Election Results

Election Results and Statistics from 1996 to Current

Electrical and Inspections Licensing

Electrical and Inspections professionals manage their license online.

Employer's Unemployment Insurance Payment

Employers pay Unemployment Insurance tax (MyIowaUI).

Employment Contract Search.

Search Iowa Contracts, Iowa Contracts Archive, Iowa PERB and Court Decisions and Iowa Neutral Decisions online.

Engineer and Land Surveyor Licensing

Engineer and Land Surveyor professionals manage their license online. Search for engineers and land surveyors.

Ethics Disclosure Reporting and Search

Candidate Committees and certain executive branch employees and officials file personal financial disclosure.

FARMS Soil and Water Conservation Programs

Follow your cost-share practice from sign up to payment along with practices and maintenance/performance agreements.

Fees for Government Services

Find fees charged by Iowa agencies for government services.

Fish Kill Database

Search Iowa DNR Fishkill Database for data on all fishkills in the state from 1995 to the present.

Fishing & Hunting Licenses

Apply for your fishing or hunting license online.

Grants Application and Management Online

Apply for and manage State grants online.

Great Iowa Treasure Hunt

Search for unclaimed property with your name or the property I.D.

Harvest Reporting

Submit Deer and Turkey Harvest Reports.

Hazardous Spills Reports

View reported spill data in your community. Submit requested and required information for responsible parties.

Health Care Portal and Application

Apply online for IA Health Link, Medicaid and hawk-i - health care for uninsured children of working families.

Health Facility Inspections

REPORT CARDS of inspections and final findings of complaint investigations for a wide variety of health care entities in the State of Iowa.

Hearing Aid Dispensers Licensing

Hearing Aid professionals manage their license online.

Help Desk for State of Iowa Websites

Submit an online request for help.

Highway Permits

A request for an access (driveway) connection to the primary highway can be made using our online electronic permitting system.

Human Services Assistance Online Applications

Apply online for Food Assistance, Child Care Assistance, Cash Assistance and/or State Supplementary Assistance.

Hunter Education and Training

Hunter education is a mandatory program designed to educate life-long skills important to many different types of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Insurance Complaint

File a complaint against an insurance company online.

Insurance Fraud Reporting

Report insurance fraud online.

Insurance Producer Licensing

Insurance professionals manage their license online.

Interior Design Licensing

Interior Design professionals manage their license online.

I-PACT Online Alcohol Compliance Training

Employees and prospective employees who sell or serve alcohol can go through alcohol compliance training and receive a certificate upon completion.

I-PLEDGE Online Tobacco Compliance Training

Take the I-PLEDGE to uphold tobacco, alternative nicotine and vapor product laws, keep Iowa’s kids healthy and do not sell tobacco, alternative nicotine or vapor products to minors.

Job Openings in State Government

Search and apply for jobs in State government.

Job Search

Plan your career. Find a job.

Land Records in Iowa Website

Search for land records with the County Recorder Association.

Landscape Architect Licensing

Landscape Architect professionals manage their license online.

Lawyers Licensed in Iowa Search

Search for lawyers by country, state, county or city.

Learning Online

Online Learning Opportunities for Iowa High School Students

Legislature Live Chamber Audio

Streaming audio of Senate and House proceedings is available whenever the chambers are in session

Legislature Video & Audio Presentations

Watch informative videos about chamber activity, fiscal information and capitol grounds tours.

Local Budgets & Annual Reports Submission

Local Governments can submit annual budgets. Search for a budget or financial report by city or county.

Massage Therapy Licensing

Massage Therapy professionals manage their license online.

Medical Complaint

File a complaint against a physician (M.D. or D.O.) or acupuncturist (L.Ac.) online.

Mentoring Programs

Find a certified youth mentoring program near you.

Missing Persons Information

Search a list of people reported missing.

Mortuary Science Licensing

Mortuary Science professionals manage their license online.

Notary Search

Find a notary.

Nursing Home Administrator Licensing

Nursing Home Administration professionals manage their license online.

Nursing Licenses

Nursing Licenses (R.N., L.P.N., A.R.N.P.)

Offender Locations

Identify offender locations in Iowa Correctional Institutions.

Optometry Licensing

Optometry professionals manage their license online.

Organ Donor Online Registration

Register online to be an organ, tissue or eye donor.

Pay Judicial Fees Online

Pay your civil, parking or simple criminal fees online.

Pharmacy Board Registered Complaints

Search complaints registered against pharmacies or pharmacy professionals.

Physical and Occupational Therapy Licensing

Physical and Occupational Therapy professionals manage their license online.

Physician Licensing

Physicians (M.D. and D.O.) can apply for and manage their license online.

Physician Search

Search for physicians licensed in Iowa (M.D. or D.O.).

Physician's Assistant Licensing

Physician's Assistant professionals manage their license online.

Plumbers and Mechanical Contractors Licensing

Plumbers and Mechanical Systems professionals manage their license online.

Podiatry Licensing

Podiatry professionals manage their license online.

Products and Producers in Iowa

Learn about Iowa products and producers.

Property Assessment Appeals Court Decision Database

Search Property Assessment Appeals court decisions.

Property Assessment Appeals Decision Database

Search Property Assessment Appeals decisions.

Property Valuation Search and Submission

Search for property valuation data for property that will be taxed during the next fiscal year. Auditors submit valuation data.

Protective Order Notification for Domestic Abuse (IPONDA)

You can register to receive telephone and/or email notifications from IPONDA on your protective order or no contact order.

Psychology Licensing

Psychology professionals manage their license online.

Public Comment

Comment on State of Iowa documents that are open for public feedback.

Publications Online

An online archive of documents produced by Iowa state agencies and intended for use by the general public.

Real Estate Appraiser Licensing

Real Estate Appraisers manage their licenses online. Search for real estate appraisers.

Real Estate Sales & Brokers Licensing

Real Estate Agents and Brokers manage their license online. Search for a real estate agent or broker.

Respiratory Care Licensing

Respiratory Care professionals manage their license online.

Restaurant (Food Safety) Inspections

Inspection Reports for Food Establishments, Food Processing Plants, and Hotels and Motels.

Sales Tax Rates Lookup (IDR)

Look up the sales tax for a specific location/jurisdiction.

School Report Cards

Search for school performance information.

Search 28E Agreements

Search 28E agreements filed prior to 1993.

Sex Offender Notifications

Crime victims and other interested parties the ability to be automatically notified by phone or email about changes in the location or identification information of a registered sex offender.

Sign Language Interpreters and Transliterators Licensing

Sign Language Interpreter and Transliterator professionals manage their license online.

SmokeFree Homes Registry

Use the interactive map to locate properties in Iowa that are registered as smoke-free.

Social Gambling License Application

Get a license for games of skill and chance, bingo operations, raffles, and social gambling activities you or your organization want to host.

Social Work Licensing

Social work professionals manage their license online.

Solid Waste Alternatives Program (SWAP)

Search the database to find recycling services. Help reduce waste.

Solid Waste Permitted Facilities

Search solid waste facility permits database.

Speech Pathology and Audiology Licensing

Speech pathology and audiology professionals can manage their license online.

Start a Business Online Resources

Search to find required licenses and other business startup requirements.

State Forestry Nursery Sales

Place an order for tree seedlings.

State Grants and Scholarships

View a list of state grants and scholarships available to Iowa students.

State Parks Special Events Permits and Scheduling

Schedule an event and get the permit at the same time.

Stormwater Permits

Apply for a permit or renew your permit online.

Student Financial Aid - Iowa Application

Online application for those applying for Iowa state grants and scholarships.

Students for Tobacco Education and Prevention (ISTEP)

Find an ISTEP chapter near you.

Targeted Small Business (TSB)

Search for TSB business opportunities.

Targeted Small Business (TSB) Certification

Women, persons with disabilities, minorities and service-disabled veterans apply to be certified to operate as a targeted small business.

Tax Payment eFiling (eFile & Pay)

Pay individual and business taxes.

Tax Permit Changes and Cancellation

Request a change, correction, cancellation or reinstatement of a tax permit.

Tax Permit Registration for Businesses

Register your business for a tax permit online.

Tax Refund Status - Iowa

Where's my refund? Get the latest information about your tax refund.

Tax Research Library

Access Court Decisions, Rulings, and other information from the Iowa Department of Revenue archives.

Tax Webinars for Businesses

View online tax webinars presented by the Iowa Department of Revenue.

Teacher Licensing

Online tools for Iowa Educators and Administrators to manage their license.

Things to do in Iowa

Enter the region, city, keyword or select a type of attraction you want to see.

Track a Plow

See the number and locations of snow plows on the highway during winter months.

Traffic Cameras

See the locations of traffic cameras in the state.

Transportation Business Online Services

Aviation; Consultants/Contractors/Vendors Bids and Registration; GIS Applications and Web Services; Government Agency stock catalog and report submission; Public Transit vehicle ranking and other online applications.

Travel Iowa

Order your free travel Iowa guide and map. Learn everything you need to explore Iowa communities, activities and events.

Turn in Poachers - TIP

Poachers are thieves. Take an active role in helping Iowa DNR put these fish and wildlife thieves out of business.

Unemployment Insurance Application

Apply online for Unemployment Insurance.

Utilities Board Electronic Filing System

Submit complaints, comments/objections, applications, petitions, motions and other filings. Search dockets and filings.

Vehicle Tags (Iowa Tax and Tags)

Pay vehicle registration and taxes online.

Vehicles and auto dealers

Order specialty or personalized plates, registration fee calculator and other online services.

Vendor Registration

Register to do business with Iowa state government.

Veterans Gravesite Locator

Use the Nationwide Gravesite Locator to search for burial locations of veterans.

Victim Information & Notification Everyday (IowaVINE)

Sign up for changes in offender custody status notifications sent directly to your phone or e-mail.

Visit Website

Online resources for new and existing businesses.

Vital Records

Get your copy of birth, marriage or death certificates.

Waste Exchange (IWE)

Search for materials you can use or look for a market for something you don't need. Material might be used or new and is related to construction or other types projects.

Wastewater Permit Information Exchange

Search NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permits for cities or industries in Iowa.

Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Program (OpCert)

Interactive certification for water distribution and waste lagoon operators.